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Mark (lead photographer)

After 20 years of commercial photography and portrait photography I have learned that having tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and knowing the latest techniques had little to do with a great image. It is not only about being able to see and capture a beautiful moment, but--perhaps more importantly--it is about creating a fun, relaxed, and natural environment that allows beautiful moments to happen.

Learning this has allowed me to take pictures at a higher level than ever before. My perspective and appreciation for life has enabled me to see moments and details that I may have missed before. This is my passion--to see and capture those little details and expressions. For me, it is important to encourage individuals during a portrait session to go out on a limb and know that it's okay. It's to see, accept, and appreciate what makes us who we are.



Ryan (2nd photographer)

Ever since I began photographing in 2007, I have been given the opportunity to document some of the best and often most candid moments of people's lives- through engagements, weddings, business openings and beyond with both digital and film photography. These moments are often so fleeting in our memory as they are happening; being tasked with capturing the essence of these beautiful moments is something I treat with honor. By utilizing natural lighting and minimal post-processing, my objective is to provide an image that my client is proud of, whether it is an event, real estate, portrait or fine art. Thank you for letting me capture your moments.


Jenna (Office Manager)

What I love most about working with the Hensel Photography team is that I often am the first person to speak with clients. I love hearing what our clients are celebrating or commemorating, and then seeing the beautiful pictures that come out of it. Whether someone has worked with us for years or is calling for the first time, it is a treat to be a small part of a family’s celebration or personal achievement.